Friday, August 07, 2015

Party Day in London

By New Worker correspondent

 WE CELEBRATED the founding of the New Communist Party in the usual way at a reception at the Party Centre on 11th July. Friends and comrades, old and new, joined NCP leader Andy Brooks and Party Chair Alex Kempshall in celebrating the 38th anniversary of the NCP, which was established under the leadership of Sid French in July 1977.
Andy Brooks recalling the NCP's struggles
Some friends, like our comrades in the RCPB (ML) , were absent as they were taking part in the great Durham Miners’ Gala, but their solidarity messages stressed the warm bonds of friendship that have been forged  through joint solidarity work  over the years.
Others, like the diplomats from the London embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, paid tribute to the NCP’s consistent solidarity and its staunch support for the communist ideal during the formal part of the proceedings. Dermot Hudson from the UK Korean Friendship Association praised our Party’s work in solidarity with Democratic Korea while John Macleod from the Socialist Labour Party spoke highly of the role of the NCP in fight to rebuild the socialist movement in Britain.
 Andy and Alex recalled the NCP’s struggles over the decades to build the NCP and its flagship journal, the New Worker. Our paper has held high the red banner of socialism every week since 1977. In 2008 we went over to colour and electronic printing. Last year we went tabloid with a 12-page edition that packs in even more news and comment from the movement at home and abroad.
But, as our Treasurer Daphne Liddle said, this has only been accomplished through the dedicated support of its readers. And her rousing appeal was met with an equally robust response from the comrades who raised £1,263 for the fighting fund on the night!

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