Sunday, May 15, 2016

Left views on EU referendum

by New Worker correspondent

COMRADES met in north London on Sunday 24th April to debate on the European Union (EU) Referendum on 23rd June in a meeting organised by the group Red Block.
Daphne Liddle spoke on behalf of the New Communist Party pointing out that the EU is a creation of the ruling class and a bastion of western imperialism, and that leaving will weaken it. It had never protected trade union or working class rights, which had steadily deteriorated under the EU’s drive for privatisation and austerity.
David Ayrton argued that the issue was a sham in which the working class could not win: “The workers have no dog in this fight,” and that working class unity would be better served by following the Labour leadership and the majority of big trade unions in supporting the Remain campaign.
Both Liddle and Ayrton denounced the extreme right-wing and racist elements to be found in both camps, and asserted that the rants about immigration were a diversion from the real issues.

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