Saturday, October 08, 2016

Peace for Yellow River in London

Liu Xiaoming opening the concert 
by New Worker correspondent

Music lovers heard a selection of classic Chinese music to mark China’s national day in London last weekend. The Chopsticks choral choir performed the Yellow River Cantata along with other classical Chinese pieces at a concert at the Cadogan Hall last Saturday.
This will be only the second performance of the Yellow River Cantata in London. But every choir in China knows this flagship work and everyone in China knows at least one of the tunes.
            Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming said it was “a masterpiece that reflects the spirit of the Chinese nation and a milestone in the history of Chinese music.”
“Peace for Yellow River brings peace to the country. This long-cherished aspiration of the Chinese people has now come true. The days of poverty and weakness have long gone.
Today, the Chinese people are living in peace and the country is thriving in peace.
“Today, China is on its way to build a prosperous country and to realise the ‘Chinese Dream’. The great spirit that the Yellow River Cantata extols will continue to inspire the nation to move forward and to stay true to our mission.
“China and the UK were allies in the world anti-fascist war 70 years ago. We have fought together to safeguard peace and justice for humanity. Today, China and Britain are jointly building the ‘Golden Era’ of [a] global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century. This partnership will serve to promote world peace and development.
“The Chopsticks Choral Society, together with singers from China and Britain, will soon start their performance. This is not just a performance but an ode to world peace and a call for China–UK cooperation. It is a call for us to work together to build the ‘Golden Era’ of China–UK relations and make a new contribution to world peace and prosperity.”

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