Friday, January 13, 2017

A year of hope and struggle

RCPB (ML) Michael Chant and Chris Coleman propose the toast
by New Worker correspondent
Communists welcomed the New Year at the London centre of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (ML) in south London last weekend. NCP leader Andy Brooks and other London comrades met friends old and new at the John Buckle Centre, including diplomats from the Cuban embassy and many active in solidarity work, the cultural front and anti-fascist struggle.
            The rising temper of the working class in Britain and throughout the world was highlighted by Michael Chant during the formal part of the celebration organised by the London Region of the RCPB(ML). Imperialism suffered many setbacks in 2016, not least the defeat of their minions in Aleppo. But, as Cuban diplomat Jorge Luis Garcia pointed out, it was also the year that the leader of the Cuban revolution passed away and the Cuban people were now celebrating the New Year for the first time since liberation without Fidel. The Cuban people mourned the passing of their great leader and they are determined to follow in the footsteps of the revolutionaries who liberated the island to build a socialist society on the doorstep of US imperialism itself.
            Everyone rose to raise a toast for a New Year of struggle for peace and socialism during an evening that ended in the spirit of confidence and optimism that always grows whenever comrades meet.

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