Thursday, November 09, 2017

Bad day for Britain First in Bromley

by New Worker correspondent
THE NEO-FASCIST organisation Britain First (BF), notorious for violent attacks on mosques, has problems. Its leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Franzen have a number of court orders against them, and Golding is obliged every Saturday between 2pm and 4pm to sign in at his nearest police station. As he lives in Penge, south London, that police station is in Bromley, next to Bromley South Rail Station.
This limits the range of political demonstrations he can take part in on Saturdays. So, trying to make a virtue out of a necessity, he called a national mobilisation of BF supporters outside Bromley Police Station for last Saturday.
Ex-BNP members mingled with ex-Combat 18 thugs. This really was a rump and was the lowest BF demo for some time. But the total number who turned up – around 40 – was massively outnumbered by local anti-fascists.
These included Labour Party members, Liberal Democrats, Greens, South London Anti-Fascists, Antifa, trade unionists from RMT, TSSA, ASLEF, Unite the Union, the NEU educational union and the civil service union, and Disabled People against Cuts  (DPAC) – plus some passers-by who joined in.
And the anti-fascists were noisy, very noisy, and succeeded in drowning the noise of a BF amplifier playing ‘patriotic’ music.
Several of the fascists, overweight and with greying hair, were wearing a khaki uniform bearing the word “Security”. Political uniforms were outlawed by a public order Act in the 1930s. Anti-fascists will be taking up this issue with the appropriate authorities.
The fascists had hoped to march from Bromley North to the station but were banned from marching through the shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon.

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