Sunday, December 17, 2017

Standing by the Korean people

by New Worker correspondent
Kim Song Gi speaking
 Comrades and friends returned to the Chadswell Centre in central London to mark the passing of dear leader Kim Jong Il, discuss the role of women in the Korean revolution and celebrate the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s  latest achievements in missile technology.
The meeting, called by the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), was honoured by the presence of diplomats from the DPRK embassy in London. Comrade Kim Song Gi, Minister, addressed the meeting on the subject of the centenary of the birth of Kim Jong Suk, the Korean partisan who married great leader Kim Il Sung and played a leading role in the building of the people’s government after liberation in 1945.
Dermot Hudson of the KFA paid tribute to the memory of her son, Kim Jong Il, who died at his post on the 17th December, 2011, and the achievements of Kim Jong Un, the new leader of Democratic Korea.
Theo Russell, a Politburo Member of the New Communist Party, stressed the importance of the anniversaries of the birth of Kim Jong Suk and the passing away of comrade Kim Jong Il, and called for practical solidarity with the DPRK in view of unceasing war threats from the imperialist camp.
The development of the DPRK’s nuclear deterrent is the sole guarantee of peace on the Korean peninsula given the almost daily threats of war coming from the chief war-lord in the White House.
This was followed by other contributions from the audience and a general discussion that continued over refreshments provided by the Korean and KFA comrades.

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