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Confidence in the workers

by Ray Jones

Information Bulletin 2/2006 15, £5.00 plus 50p P&P, NCP lit, PO Box 73, London SW11 2PQ.

“...I WISH YOU good work and a final word of great confidence. Confidence we feel presently in Portugal. Confidence in the workers and in our struggle. Confidence that, looking around this room we feel in the future of the world,” said Jeronimo de Sousa from the Portuguese Communist Party in a positive and up lifting welcome to this international meeting of communists hosted by the PCP.
Communists from all over the world came together in Portugal to inform, support, explain and debate; giving useful insights into their work at home and their take on the world situation. Their deliberations were strengthened by the presence of the communist parties of Cuba, Vietnam and China (as an observer) — parties which hold state power.
The contributions contain much of interest which enlighten as well as occasional eye openers and things that make you scratch your head — for example the failure of the Sudanese party to mention Darfur and the Communist Party of Britain’s implied claim to be leading the British labour movement in its country briefing.
Andy Brooks from the New Communist Party of Britain gave the bottom line when he said: “The communist movement is based on the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism. Its purpose is to equip the working class so it can establish working class state power and then build a socialist society. Bourgeois democracy is a fraud...Socialism is essential to eliminate exploitation, unemployment, poverty, economic crisis and war. Socialism is the only solution to climate change, pollution and global warming...”