Thursday, June 21, 2007

RMT condemns Tube booking office cuts

"UNNECESSARY AND dangerous” plans by London Underground to close 40 ticket offices and to reduce drastically the opening hours of dozens more will be resisted, the RMT transport union said last week.
RMT warned that the proposals were the thin end of the wedge, and that no Tube booking office would be safe if London Underground was allowed to proceed with its first round of closures and cuts.
“These plans will be met with anger from Tube workers and passengers alike because they are unnecessary and dangerous,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said.
“We need to see more visible staff on duty at stations, but not at the expense of booking offices, which provide an essential service to the public way beyond selling tickets.
“The 40 ticket offices earmarked for closure are the tip of the iceberg, because London Underground Limited (LUL) wants to close many dozens more at weekends, during off-peak hours and afternoon peaks hours.
“These are straightforward cuts and they affect every Tube worker because they will lead to more ticket disputes, more assaults on staff, more stress, and more of our members working alone.
“We have already made it clear to London Underground that we regard these proposals as fully negotiable,” Bob Crow said.

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