Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Baluchistan separatists speak out

 by New Worker correspondent

A GROUP of Baluchistan separatists demonstrated in Whitehall last Saturday calling for British government support for their demand for independence from Pakistan.
Issues range from human rights abuses, greater autonomy, increased royalties from natural resources and provincial revenue.
Shortly after Pakistan's creation in 1947, the Pakistan Army had to subdue insurgents based in Kalat who rejected the King of Kalat's decision to accede to Pakistan. This has led to a continuing conflict with Baluchi nationalist and tribal movements fighting for autonomy or outright independence while Pakistan claims that the militants are being funded by Indian intelligence.
Baluchistan is one of Pakistan’s poorest regions although it has vast natural resources. Baluchi separatists allege that the central government of Pakistan is systematically suppressing development in Baluchistan to keep the Baluchis weak.
In the period from 2003-2012, it is estimated that 14,000 Baluchis were kidnapped by Pakistani security forces in the province.

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