Friday, April 12, 2013

Sussex students fight outsourcing

by New Worker correspondent

HUNDREDS of students from the University of Sussex descended on London’s Strand last Wednesday to support comrades inside the Law Courts fighting the eviction of a student sit-in.
The university authorities were seeking an injunction against all on-campus protests until September during a mighty battle against plans to outsource many university services.
The High Court has ruled that protesters should be evicted from part of the University of Sussex. On Thursday the university was granted a possession order to regain the area of Bramber House occupied by the protesters since 7th February.
A spokesperson for the protesters said: "It's a sad, sad day for higher education and there will be nowhere we can legally protest at the university."
The injunction is a response to student and staff protests as well as an ongoing occupation demanding that the university not outsource 235 facility-maintenance and catering jobs (10 per cent of its total workforce).

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