Sunday, February 26, 2017

No aid to Ukrainian Nazis!

Gerry Downing, Theo Russell and Andy Brooks on the line

by New Worker correspondent

The call for solidarity with the anti-fascist resistance in Ukraine one again echoed across Whitehall at a protest picket last weekend. NCP leader Andy Brooks and other London comrades joined the picket opposite Downing Street on Saturday to denounce British support for the puppet regime in Kiev and stand by the Ukrainian anti-fascists and the Novorossiyans who took up the gun to drive the nazi gangs out of eastern Ukraine.
Theo Russell and Dermot Hudson from the NCP and Gerry Downing of Socialist Fight regularly took the mike during the early evening protest called by the NCP with the support of Solidarity with Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) and Socialist Fight. Others leafleted the passers-by with demands to end British and other NATO support for the fascist regime in Kiev.
British imperialism gives military and financial support to the illegal regime in Ukraine, which includes Nazis and which idolises Stepan Bandera, a Second World War Nazi collaborator whose followers in the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists eagerly set about murdering Jews and Poles during the German occupation and became a willing tool of the CIA to spread terror across Soviet Ukraine and People’s Poland during the Cold War.
There is absolutely no democracy in Ukraine, and its working people are being ruthlessly crushed. The Kiev regime, which includes Nazis, has outlawed left-wing movements including the Ukrainian communist party and the Marxist Borotba movement.
The picket, the fourth in Whitehall over the past six months, attracted a lot of sympathetic attention on the street that links Trafalgar Square to the Westminster Parliament as well as the support of the Novorossiyan media which relayed a photo-story of the action via the Donbass News Agency (DONI) on Monday.

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