Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Down with the lying BBC!

by New Worker
outside BBC headquarters in London

Comrades were out last Saturday picketing Broadcasting House to condemn the ongoing demonisation of the DPR Korea in BBC reports. The picket, called by the Korean Friendship Association with the support of the NCP, called on the BBC to “stop lying about the DPRK and instead produce fair, accurate and objective material about People’s Korea”.
KFA Chair Dermot Hudson said the BBC has consistently lied about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). On several occasions BBC reporters have used tricks and subterfuges to enter the DPRK to produce one-sided, biased reports that bear no resemblance to reality.
            Alejandro Cao De Benos, the president of the international KFA, sent a solidarity message to the protesters in which he said: “US imperialism, by utilising its money resources and puppet mass media like the BBC, is regularly organising campaigns of defamation and creating horror stories with the aim of creating fear and rejection of Korea among the general public. But the times of the US and British media empires’ monopoly for mind control are coming to an end. The rise of popular and alternative low cost media…is making more and more people question every sensationalist news coming from the mainstream press.
“As more and more fake news is being exposed, there is a new generation that will no longer swallow all this nonsense”. They are looking for genuine sources of information on Korea, he said. “That source is the KFA, and your work will become more important everyday”.

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