Thursday, July 13, 2017

A great communist leader

Michael Chant speaking with Andy Brooks and Dermot Hudson
by New Worker 

COMRADES and friends met at the John Buckle Centre in south London last week to mark the 23rd anniversary of the passing of President Kim Il Sung on 8th July  1994 and to discuss the tense situation on the Korean peninsula following the recent American  threats to launch a pre-emptive strike against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Kim Il Sung and the communist movement he inspired began the Korean people’s struggle against Japanese colonial rule in the 1920s that ended in victory in 1945. Kim Il Sung went on to lead the Korean people to another great victory against a foreign invader when the American imperialists and their lackeys attacked the people’s government in the north in 1950.
All the speakers, which included Song Gi Kim from the Democratic Korean embassy in London, Michael Chant from the RCPB (ML), Dermot Hudson from the Korean Friendship Association and New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks, paid tribute the achievements of the great Korean leader and the Workers Party of Korea that he led until his death in 1994.  After questions and discussion the meeting ended but discussion continued over drinks at the John Buckle Centre.
The Co-ordinating Committee of the Friends of Korea brings together all the major movements active in Korean friendship and solidarity work in Britain today. It is chaired by Andy Brooks and the secretary is Michael Chant. The committee organises meetings throughout the year, which are publicised by the supporting movements and on the Friends of Korea website.

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