Saturday, July 01, 2017

Justice for the Grenfell Tower victims

by New Worker correspondent

Anger at the incompetence, greed and indifference of the ruling class towards the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire erupted on the streets of London with protests and candle-lit vigils throughout the week demanding justice for the victims of the fire that swept through the 23-storey block which housed up to 600 people. Last Saturday hundreds returned to Westminster in support of the survivors and to demand full funding for fire-safety. Although the official death toll stands at 79, residents believe at least 120 perished in the flames and others believe that the true figure is even higher.
Tottenham MP David Lammy, whose friend, the artist Khadija Saye, died in the fire, thinks that there may have been a cover up to prevent rioting in the area. The Labour MP has repeatedly questioned the number of dead, describing the figure of 79 as “far, far too low,” and said that “failure to provide updates of the true number that died is feeding suspicion of a cover-up.”

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