Friday, July 07, 2017

Down with the Kiev fascist regime!

Dermot Hudson, Andy Brooks, Theo Russell, Gerry Downing and Daphne Liddle on the line
by New Worker correspondent

London comrades returned to Whitehall last week for another picket opposite Downing Street, to demand justice for the victims of the Odessa trade union house massacre in 2014 and call for the end of British military assistance to the fascist regime in Kiev. The protest was called by the New Communist Party and Socialist Fight with the support of the Solidarity with the Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine (SARU) movement to highlight the repression that is going on in Ukraine today. In Ukraine barely a day passes without the persecution of Russian-speaking Ukrainians, Jews and members of opposition parties including the Communist Party of Ukraine, which was outlawed formally this week.
            The bourgeois media in Europe and the United States still keeps silent on the Odessa massacre of 2014. The Kiev regime says 48 people were killed when neo-Nazi thugs besieged pro-democracy protesters inside the building before torching it, blocking the exits so that they couldn’t escape. But eyewitnesses say the true number could be well over 100.
Not one of the thugs responsible for the murders has been arrested or charged because they are followers of the neo-Nazi militias that prop up the corrupt Poroshenko regime that does the bidding of Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialism. But the families of the victims are continuing to campaign for a full United Nations investigation into the massacre, which was the decisive factor in the decision by the peoples of the Donbas to take up the gun to set up their own break-away Novorossiyan republics rather than be ruled by fascists in Kiev.
New Communist Party leader Andy Brooks and Gerry Downing of Socialist Fight took the mike, along with other comrades including Daphne Liddle, Dermot Hudson and Theo Russell, during the early evening rush-hour protest that caught the eye of home-going commuters and passing tourists who took the leaflets or paused to discuss the issue with the picketers.

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